Go Big or Go Home

I came across this artist thanks to an advertisment  on my facebook homepage.  I decided to check out his stuff.  Basically, he’s a photographer who I really connect with.  I like that he focuses on the people under the photos.  My favorite project that he’s done is one where he went out on the streets of New York and found people with faces that made him want to stop and stare.  The people he chose weren’t amazingly beautiful, or hideous, just people with interesting faces.  He photographed them, but took it a step further by asking them how they felt about their faces.  Their responses take you so much deeper than a picture would.  A picture might be worth a thousand words, but sometimes we need a little help to figure out what those words really are. 

This is Simon Hoegsberg’s site : http://www.simonhoegsberg.com/

And here is my favorite project called “The Faces of New York”: http://www.simonhoegsberg.com/faces_of_new_york/index.htm


Sunshine, Lollipops…and Exams.

This weeks title has nothing to do with what I’m going to talk about, but I do find it cruelly ironic that the weather is so beautiful when I have to study for exams  Oh well, that’s of no matter.  What I have for this week is very cool.  I was looking at another IBer’s blog, and thought that she picked a really cool artist who paints on people.  I checked out the links that my fellow IBer had attached, and decided to do some digging of my own.  I found an artist by the name of Ariana Page Russell who has a skin disease cslled dermatographia which just means she’s super sensitive to scratches.  Her immune system over-reacts, and she gets hives that last about a half an hour.  These hives aren’t painful, so she voluntarily scratches herself, and makes patterns which she takes pictures of.  The end result is really interesting.  Take a look.


That’s her site.  I encourage you guys to check her out.

Canadian Eh?

Over the break, I went to Maine to soak up some snow, and shred the fantastic hills, and take a much needed break from school.  It was a blast, with lots of laughs and a little bit of homework–very little.  On our last night in Maine, we went to a “Canadian” restaurant.  It was absolutely hilariously stereotypical.  There were moose heads hanging on the walls, old wooden skis, and bear skin rugs hung on the walls.  To top it all off, at the front door, there was a giant mounty.  My sister and I took pictures with the “Big Guy”.  I think it’s so funny that this is how some people see us as Canadians.  How does this relate to art?  You’re probably wondering.  Well, I see their portrayal of Canadians as accurate in some cases, people do hunt after all, but I just take it in stride.  Our family didn’t complain about political correctness, we just ate and were merry.  Sometimes I think we should take a step back from the art we see and just enjoy it’s beauty, and try not to be offended.  Of course, this isn’t always possible, but sometimes we need to be reminded about the important things in life.  The important things are not how that restaurant sees Canadians, and it isn’t the art that people see as offensive.  Friends, family, and good food should occupy our time quite nicely, and stop us from wasting time bickering over what is truly Canadian or what art should be.

Inspired to Look Up

xMusic hits me hard.  I take so much from the way the music is paired with words, and when I listen, I see the message in my head.  Sometime it’s a mess of colours and no real shapes, and sometimes it’s a full picture.  I was recently listening to a song called “Look Up” by Bradley Hathaway, and decided to put the picture in my head down on paper.  It’s a work in progress, and maybe something I’ll take out of my workbook, and do as a bigger project.  Who knows?  I suggest who ever is looking at this blog listen to the song I’ve attached, and take a look at the picture accompanying this post to try to guess what direction I’m going with this piece.

I love the winter

Winter.  Snow, ice, snowball fights and the best star-gazing all year round.  What better way to celebrate this fantastic season than by building huge ice sculptures.  Having grown up in Ottawa, where the magic of winter was honoured each year at Winterlude, it’s no surprise that ice sculptures really amaze me. 

The artists who build ice sculptures must have beautiful pictures in their minds, because the finished product is mind-blowing.  My favourite part of this incredible art form is when the sculptures are lit up at night.  I imagine that the artists know exactly how powerful the lights make their sculptures, and plan the best way to exploit that magic.  If they don’t, they definitely should.

Writer’s Block…Artist’s Block?

Wow.  I’ve been given the chance to express myself, only to find I have nothing of consequence to say.  This is annoying.

This is my art blog, and I’m not really in a place that I can talk about my art and not sound babble-y.  So I’ll leave this part for now.